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Picking Cauliflower



We specialize in creating and developing software solutions to track and record high volume harvest data. Production is usually carried out using employee intensive manual picking methods on multiple crops and locations.

We use a variety of methods to record production data. Barcodes or QR Codes can be scanned to identify who produced what, where and when. Using this data we produce;

  1. Traceability

  2. Performance

  3. Payroll

  4. Production KPI's 

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Scanning production is by far the most efficient method of recording production data. Dedicated production labels can be applied to each item produced which can be scanned to include, the employee who produced the item, when the item was produced, the type of item, where the item was produced. Alternatively simply enter a quantity, type and scan the employees ID card.

Checking the Crops
Harvest Management: Our Technology
On the Scales


Simple. Fast. Accurate.

If you need and in-field or pack house based weighing system to monitor production and enable you to pay per kg, look no further.

Our weighing solutions can be adapted to your business, whether you need a portable field/vehicle based solution or static in place solution.

Barcode /QR Code or Contactless (NFC) options are available.

**Bluetooth Enabled weighing equipment required.

Harvest Management: Our Technology
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